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Harvesting Our Days

Harvesting Our Days
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t Falcon Creek Books, we have a very narrow focus: quality, subject matter, and authors often overlooked by major and mid-sized publishers.

Presently, we are featuring Carrie Cartwright’s debut book: Harvesting our days. It is available in paperback, and coming in eBook format. Please see our ‘Authors’ menu tab, for more information.

You will also see books by our other authors.

While there, check out: “I Never Played Catch With My Father” by Gene Cartwright.


32 Minutes of Greatness

32 Minutes of Greatness

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Daniel McLaurin III’s true story:
“32 Minutes of Greatness.”
32 Minutes of Greatness
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50 Years of History Uncovered
Pony Express Calendar

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50th Anniversary Calendar

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A Family Gathering
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About ‘A Family Gathering,’ Ms. Tyson says:

“I have not been so moved by a book since I read “Alex’s’ book.” (a reference to ‘Roots.’)

—It is the most treasured comment the author has received.

Also Visit AFamilyGathering.com

Coming Soon!

The World According to Chaqweeta
“And I’ll talk about my name, too. Okay?”


We at Falcon Creek
are proud to welcome Ms. Chaqweeta Washington. And yes, there’s a story behind her first name.

Put your wet-suit on; big waves are coming.

She’s brash, opinionated, well-informed, unabashed, and fearless in expressing her views of the world-at-large, politics, society, health & fitness, diets, blackness, whiteness, internecine skin-color prejudices, men, sex, and whatever she wants.

So get ready, if you can.

Her blog lands first, then her first book.

Chaqweeta aims to call attention to any and everything she has a mind to. And we welcome her doing so. Some of what she will opine about (look it up, she says) will leave you laughing, crying, pissed-off, offended, awakened, blushing, nodding in agreements, and perhaps befuddled. So be it.

Stay tuned! Her blog will come first. The book, as title in the image, will follow.


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