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The fault lies with predators. However, learn how to avoid the tragic mistakes
many women make that put their lives in
jeopardy. Don’t be another victim.

You must read this book. It just may save your life.

140 pages.


You have seen the headlines, watched the TV footage: a woman violently attacked, or worse while jogging, walking in a parking garage, leaving a mall, while on vacation or while sleeping in her own bed at home. You have seen these horrific stories, shook your head in disgust and vowed to be more cautious.


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This Book May One Day Save Your Life.

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A Wake-up Call:
Stop For a Minute.
We Have Some Questions:

Where are you right now…

at work, home, shopping center, coffee shop, nightclub or restaurant, on a trip, in a hotel, in an elevator, headed to your hotel room, walking a street, jogging, in your bedroom, sitting alone in your car, at a stop sign or traffic light, underground parking garage or placing groceries in your car?

It's a long question but just go with it. Do you feel safe? Are you safe? Be honest.

What can you do now or should have done earlier to make yourself safer? Of course there is no such thing as absolute safety. However, there are common sense steps you can take each day to make yourself less vulnerable as a victim.

These questions are only the beginning.

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Staying Alive
Staying Alive

12 pack.

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Perhaps you’ve munched on ice cream and cookies while watching TV news, and felt completely safe. You think: “Those things only happen to ‘others.’ Those victims likely thought the same thing before they were the unfortunate ‘others.’

Later, you return to ‘business as usual.’ And so it goes until, may God forbid, the victim is you or someone you know.


Our eternal thanks to the amazing women in our lives, those past a present, who have made us who we are. All were and are fiercely independent, determined, and self-aware.

While ‘Staying Alive’ is devoted to helping promote personal safety for women, we must acknowledge all the countless victims of violence: women, men, and children. Whether perpetrated by strangers or known persons, one act of violence is too many.

What can we all do?

Be aware and prepared. We are determined to do our part to help you be just that.

Jane & Gene

Contents (more sub-categories in book)

Wake-Up Call
— Stop For a Moment. We've Got Questions

Chapter One
— The Bubble
— Our Day-to-Day Lives
— Heavy Traffic
— Left to Chance
— Cell Phone Zombies
— Please Mug Me
— Permanent 911 Device

Chapter Two
— Avoid Looking Like a Victim
— Predators Work Full Time
— Female Predators?
— The Predator You Know
— Awareness is Key
— Deadly Assumption
— Danger From Those You Know

Chapter Three
— Personal Safety is Personal
— Sleepwalking in Public
— The Criminal’s Strategy
— Your Senses
— Awareness
— Intimidation
— The Gift
— Self-Defense

Chapter Four
— The Great escape
— If The Unthinkable Happens

— What Should You Do?
— A Threat is a Promise
— Aim to Maim: Stay Alive
— The First Rule
— Better Than Pepper Spray/Other tools
— Hand-Held Tools for Defense

Chapter Five
— Home Safety
— Never, Never, Ever
— Doors and Locks
— Home Invasion
— 'Safe Rooms'
— Someone Follows You Home
— Fakes?
— Your Garage
— Deadly Intruder

Chapter Six
— How Safe Is Your Apartment/Condo
— A Vital Reminder
— Safety on College Campuses/Dormitories
— Laundry Rooms/Washaterias

Chapter Seven
— "Trollers"
— Critical Steps in Avoiding Being Carjacked
— When You’re Driving
— What if…?
— What's In Your Trunk?
— Your Home Garage
— Your Car’s Key Fob Code

Chapter Eight
— Traveling/Hotels/Restaurants
— What You Must Know
— Google It

— What You Do Not Know
— Taxis & Uber
— Public Places
— Crime Havens You’d Never Suspect
— Getting Directions

Chapter Nine
— Guarding Your Personal Information
— Coffee Shops, Restaurants
— Stop Helping Predators
— Your Cell Phones
— Your Keys
— Cyberspace: Friend and Foe
— Thieves Want Your Social Security Number
— Stop and Think

Chapter Ten
— Summary
— Scores of tips

And much more